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Control4 48V Bus Power Supply C4-DIN-BPS48

Control4 48V Bus Power Supply - Nätdel
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Control4® 48V Bus Power Supply

The Control4 48V Bus Power Supply provides power for the Configurable Wired Keypads (C4-KCB and C4-SKCB), the Bus Ethernet
Gateway (C4-DIN-BEG) and the Dry Contact Input Module (C4-DCIM). It can also be used to power the Wireless Configurable Keypads
(C4-KC120/277 and C4-KC240) in a mixed wired/wireless keypad installation. This product is used in conjunction with the Control4 Bus
Ethernet Gateway (C4-DIN-BEG) to allow keypads on the RS-485 bus to communicate with a Control4 controller and the Panelized
Lighting system.

• 110V to 277V line input for power
• LED for power status
• Mounts in the Control4 5- or 2-Slot Panel, or in any standard DIN-rail panel with 35 mm rails
» Occupies 1/2 slot in a Control4 panel.
• See the "Keypad Bus Wiring Guide” document for details on maximum number of keypads per power supply


Model Number C4-DIN-BPS48
Power Input 100-277VAC/1.25A
Power Consumption 75W, 120V/1.0A; 240V/0.6A; 277V/0.52A

One RS-485 Pluggable Terminal Block 36AWG to 14AWG (0.14 mm2 – 1.5 mm2) per terminal
One Line Voltage Screw Terminal (Line, Neutral, Ground) One 26AWG to 12AWG (0.12 mm2 – 4 mm2) per terminal

Operational Temperature 0˚C ~ 40˚C
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Storage -20˚C ~ 70˚C

Dimensions (H x W x D) 107.5 mm × 113.9 mm × 59 mm
DIN Module Width 6M
Weight 0.589 kg
Shipping Weight 0.770 kg

48V Bus Power Supply C4-DIN-BPS48
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