Focal Dimension

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Där en traditionell soundbar påverkas av rummets rymd, ger istället Dimension en uppslukande 5.1-ljud med realistiska och exakta ljudeffekter, inte bara i de höga frekvenserna.

Med en ljudbild på 4m och en maximal effekt på 450 W, motsvarar prestandan hos Dimension ett mycket bra hifi-ljudsystem och är perfekt t.o.m. för rum som mäter över 50m2.

Focal Dimension är 65 mm djup och är lämplig för 50" skärmar eller större.


Dimension has a wide dynamic range thanks to its 26mm five ultra-flat patented speaker drivers for an optimal coherence. High frequencies are clearly defined and coherent because the center of the speaker drivers has the shape of an inverted dome. Enjoy clear and natural-sounding dialogues!

The soundbar also benefits from incredibly deep bass, even without a subwoofer. The two pairs of lateral speaker drivers are used for reproducing the bass, bass-reflex loading with two ports on either side of the soundbar.

Finally, no vibrations will interfere with the sound, thanks to the exceptional rigidity of Dimension’s brushed aluminium mono bloc chassis.


Dimension is easy to use and install: in a few minutes only, set it up once through the presets available. Enjoy the potential of HDMI™ connectivity and CEC command to control your entire home-cinema system using a single remote control.

The use is also simple and intuitive: a tactile and discreet interface which can be turned on in just a wave of the hand will enable you to adjust the volume and activate the « Night » mode.

Keeping with the times, Dimension can finally be connected to a smarthone or a tablet for listening to your audio and video files adding the optional Bluetooth® aptX® Universal Wireless Receiver.


• Natural and high definition sound
• High dialogues intelligibility
• Dynamic and coherent reproduction of the whole frequency spectrum
• Optimal integration (wall-mounted or on a furniture)
• 2 x HDMI™ integrated

Modell Dimension
Typ Soundbar
Typ av Soundbar Soundbar
Subwoofer   Kan köpas separat
Aktiv/passiv modell   Aktiv
Bluetooth   Nej
Nätverk   Nej
Bluetooth Bluetooth® aptX® Universal Wireless Receiver finns som tillval
Mått och vikt
Bredd 1155 mm
Djup På möbel: 115 mm. Väggmonterad: 65 mm
Höjd På möbel: 115 mm. Väggmonterad: 147 mm
Vikt 5.5 kg