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Loewe Individual Multiroom Receiver

Open Technology. Unlimited Possibilities. Loewe Multiroom Technology
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Until now, multiroom systems involved careful planning and complicated installation. Not with Loewe. With the innovative Connectivity+ technologies, all you need is one network router, connected via standard network cable (LAN), the electrical mains (Powerline) or wireless (WLAN). It couldn’t be simpler.

Networking using a network cable (LAN Ethernet)
The established technology from the computing world forms the basis of the Loewe Multiroom solution. The Individual Mediacenter and Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver have integrated Ethernet ports which can be used to connect them directly with your network router. The Loewe Connect Media and other Loewe TVs with a Mediaplayer can also be connected in this way.

Network Router
For networking, you require a standard network router. This is already installed in many households to provide access to the Internet. The Loewe Multiroom solution therefore fits into the existing infrastructure, instead of creating its own standard.

Networking via the electrical mains (Powerline)

Do you want to connect rooms on different floors? With the help of Powerline technology, this is possible without the need for any additional cables – you simply use your electrical mains circuit for transmission. All you need are Powerline adapters, which transmit and receive the signal from the Ethernet cable via your mains circuit.

Wireless networking (WLAN)

Do you want a wireless connection for your multiroom system? No problem – the Individual Mediacenter and the Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver feature integrated WLAN servers (IEEE 802.11b/g standard with up to 54 MBit/s, as well as being prepared for the upcoming IEEE 802.11n wireless standard with up to 540 MBit/s). The Loewe Connect Media can also be connected in this way.

Individual Multiroom Receiver
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