Luma Surveillance™ 310 Series IP Dome Extension Mount

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Luma Surveillance™ 310 Series IP Dome Extension Mount

If there's no J-box behind the dome camera, where do you hide the wires? An extension mount provides plenty of room to conceal connections; it’s an ideal solution for surface-mount applications like masonry or stucco walls. This mount also includes two openings, so you can wire your camera in from the wall or through a handy side conduit.

Important Note - Only compatible with 310 IP Dome cameras

Simplified Wire Management

Our durable extension mount is best suited for surface-mount applications; use it with masonry or attach it to a stucco wall with confidence.

Custom Wiring Options

For unconventional install configurations, this extension mount features both back and side openings, so you can loop wires into the mount right from the wall, or from a side conduit.

Color-Matched for Clean Finish

Sturdy IP mounts provide a clean, finished look and a simple install on every project. Because they’re made from cast aluminum instead of plastic, they blow generic retail versions out of the water in terms of durability and tamper resistance.

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Surveillance™ 310 Series IP Dome Extension Mount
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