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madVR Envy Pro MK2

Upptäck madVR Envy MK2 - den mest avancerade, moderna videoprocessorn för high-end bio.
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Upptäck madVR Envy MK2
Den mest avancerade, moderna videoprocessorn för high-end bio

Med madVRs patentsökta videobearbetning levererar prisbelönta madVR Envy den ultimata bildkvaliteten i din dedikerade hemmabio. Upplev den mest dramatiska och samtidigt högprecisa 4K HDR dynamiska tonmappningen, omedelbar detektering av bildförhållande, undertextshantering för scope-dukar och icke-linjär sträckning som du aldrig har sett tidigare. Envy erbjuder också oöverträffad 4K-uppskalning, specialiserad skärpning och detaljförbättring, 3D- och 1D-LUT-kalibrering med enastående precision och mycket mer. Envy är den första och enda dedikerade videoprocessorn som använder maskininlärningsalgoritmer med realtidsvideostreamer, vilket tar din videokvalitet till en helt ny nivå. Envy installeras på några minuter och är ett nöje att använda.


HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping

madVR Labs pioneered dynamic frame by frame HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping. Our patent-pending DTM 2.0 analyzes every frame in real-time to optimize every single pixel. That’s a half billion pixels per second at 4K60. Our proprietary Highlight Recovery, Contrast Recovery and Shadow Detail Recovery provide an image so stunning you will be addicted at first sight. Finally, you can enjoy HDR movies and shows at home like never before possible, just as the director intended.

Auto AR and Geometry Control

Envy detects every single aspect ratio and instantly adjusts the image to exactly fit your screen, regardless of its AR and the AR of the movie, even as it changes back and forth. Our unrivaled auto AR control finally rids you of those pesky black bars once and for all. The Envy Extreme also features advanced geometry correction, great for removing a-lens barrel distortion, fitting curved screens, advanced architectural installations, and more.


Projector is zoomed to fill the screen for scope content


Envy still perfectly fits 16:9 content, without changing the lens zoom!

4K & 8K Upscaling & Sharpening

Envy uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide unrivaled 4K, 5K and 8K upscaling* and anamorphic stretch. It also provides the highest quality chroma upscaling (4:2:0->4:4:4) and can automatically reverse certain damaging chroma upscaling used by source players to then perfectly apply its superior chroma upscaling.

*5K och 8K upscaling gäller endast Extreme MK2.

Highly Accurate Calibrations

Envy enables incredibly accurate calibrations by supporting massive 256-point 3D LUTs, and 4,096 point 1D LUTs, without any loss of measurement data and precision, unlike with other processors. This translates to 16.7 million points of accuracy, compared to less than 5,000 points with others. Envy integrates with calibration products including ColourSpace, Calman, and more.

Image Enhancements

Envy provides the highest quality algorithms to remove compression artifacts and mosquito noise, as well as de-banding to remove 8-bit banding artifacts. Many other favorite tweaks for image enhancements are also available to remove or add grain, sharpen edges, remove ringing, and more.

Subtitle Handling & Profiles

Tired of cutoff subtitles with your scoped screen? Our subtitle handing dynamically resizes your image to fit subtitles only when needed, maximizing your picture size. And our new profile system provides the most powerful yet easy to use settings management you’ve ever seen in any product before it.


Without Envy: You must watch with a much smaller image.


Otherwise subtitles wind up on your wall!


With Envy: Enjoy the movie at full screen when no subtitles are present.


Envy makes room for the subtitles only when they appear, maximizing immersion!

Non-Linear Stretch (NLS+)

Want to remove those pesky black bars on your 2.35 screen when watching 16:9 content? Our NLS+ is the first non-linear stretch algorithm to combine horizontal expansion with vertical compression. This innovation (yet another madVR Labs industry first) “shares the load” for the stretch both horizontally and vertically, resulting in a more natural looking image than possible otherwise.


Without Envy: Original 16:9 image with pesky black bars


With Envy: Image fills the entire screen, taking your immersion to a whole new level!

Simple to Install and Use

Set up is so simple that it takes just five minutes. No experience is required. Just plug the HDMI output from your AVR into the Envy, and send the Envy’s HDMI ouput to your display. Need support? With your permission, your dealer can remotely connect to your Envy, see its video output in real-time, and operate it just like they were in the room with you.

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Envy Pro MK2
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