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Högtalarkabel Odyssey 2 - Ledare av silverpläterad syrefri koppar isolerad med Teflon. Tvinnade par av ledare isolerade av vibrationsdämpande silikon. Kontakta butiken för beställning av speciallängder.

Chord Odyssey 2 speaker cable

Odyssey 2 is an 8mm diameter twisted pair twin conductor cable for single wiring.
Chord Odyssey should be installed in a system so that the wording on the outer jacket reads from the amplifier towards the speakers.

CONDUCTORS: 2 x 12 AWG multi-stranded silver-plated oxygen free copper. CONFIGURATION: Twisted pair configuration.

CONDUCTOR INSULATION: PTFE. We believe that to obtain the most neutral tonal characteristic from silver-plated conductors it is vital to use PTFE insulation. White with red stripe is positive; white with black stripe is negative. Conductors surrounded by silicone to minimise mechanical noise.

JACKET: Silicone. DIAMETER: 8 mm. COLOUR: White.

APPLICATIONS: Odyssey brings big improvements to the dynamics of a system. The bass in particular gains weight and definition. Cymbals sound realistic and guitars have presence and authority, likewise pianos and voices. Odyssey won the Hi-fi news award for Best Speaker Cable 5 years in a row, from 2001 to 2005.

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