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Origin Acoustics' OS64 On-wall outdoor speaker with 4x8-inch IMG woofer, dual passive radiators, aluminum dome tweeter

Stepping up to a 4x8-inch woofer makes the OS64 a much more powerful player in the outdoor arena. More bass and more overall output means greater coverage and a smoother sound from the entire sonic spectrum. Encased in an ABS plastic, weatherproof enclosure, these speakers will endure the harshest weather and keep coming back for more.

Position Collection

A different shape and a different attitude, the outdoor speakers in the Position Collection speakers are designed to be mounted just about anywhere. They will project incredible sound from exterior walls, under eaves, on pillars and architectural elements or even freestanding on exterior furniture. These speakers are made from tough and durable injection molded ABS plastic that has been shaped into acoustically tuned cabinets to compliment the hand-selected drivers.

Tech details

Woofer Materials

Every Seasons loudspeaker features either an Injection Molded Graphite (IMG), Glass Fiber or Kevlar® woofer. These materials assure quick accurate response due to their light weight and rigidity. They are also extremely weather resistant for years of dependable performance in most any environment.

Aluminum Tweeter

Pristine high frequencies are produced from an aluminum dome tweeter that cuts through background noise and allows the sounds of sibilance and instrumental details to float above the fray. Being aluminum they are also rugged and impervious to the elements.

Passive Radiators

More bass in outdoor environments is always a plus. A passive radiator allows deeper bass frequencies that resonate inside the enclosure to find their way into the musical mix. It acts like a tuned port, increasing bass response, but keeping the enclosure sealed up tight. This keeps the moisture and other elements out, dramatically extending the life span of the speaker. In the case of the Position Collection we are talking about dual passive radiators for even more impressive bass response.

Conceal Bracket System™ (CBS)

An adjustable, integrated bracket secures the speaker to any surface. The bracket attaches to the speaker after which two end caps snap into place and a hand tightened nob screws down locking the speaker in place while sitting flush with end cap. The result is a very clean installation that allows the speaker to be pointed at the listening area.

Built to Last

All the sound quality in the world would be of no value if the speakers were unable to survive the environment in which they are installed. We know how punishing winter cold and snow or blistering hot summer sun can be. The ABS plastic in our enclosures is mixed with an anti-UV ingredient to resist sun damage and the material itself is designed to survive the harshest winters. The drivers were designed to function in all weather extremes. Even the mounting hardware, grilles and accessories were selected with the effects of the elements in mind. The entire Seasons Collection is rugged, durable and guaranteed to last.

Broad Range

Multiple shapes and sizes in the Seasons Collection allow for tremendous flexibility in creating total coverage in any exterior space. Regardless of the layout of your landscape, no matter how many nooks and crannies or the extent of the space, your sound system can be custom tailored to provide every area with a smooth blend of musical enjoyment.

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OS64 Utomhushögtalare /styck
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