Origin Acoustics OS67 Utomhushögtalare

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OS Collection

Attractive, rugged and sonically accurate, the OS Collection of loudspeakers can be used in any outdoor environment to fill an area with beautiful sound. On the wall, attached to a pillar or under the eaves, sound can be projected across the deck or around the pool. High-performance drivers and passive radiators produce an impressive frequency response and allow homeowners to enjoy the same fidelity they experience inside the house.

Specifications OS67:

Woofer: 4 x 8” Glass Fiber, 2 Passive Radiator
Tweeter: 1” Aluminum
Frequency Response: 52Hz-20kHz
Power RMS: 50 Watts
Power Peak: 150 Watts
Impedance: 6 ohm
Enclosure: HDPE
Grille: Aluminum
Dimensions: 182 x 172 x 334mm

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OS67 Utomhushögtalare
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