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Pro-Ject Connect It Phono DS 5P > Mini XLR

Connect it Phono DS 5P/miniXLR. Flexible high purity OFC copper conductor with silver plated connectors
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The magic is always in the details - made in Europe!

Flexible high purity OFC copper conductor with silver plated connectors

The „Connect it DS“ signal cables use a high purity OFC copper conductor. Its low capacity makes them perfect for phono applications. The shielding is done with a OFC copper helix with a carbon saturated conductive sub-jacket which offers a perfect protection, but also great cable flexibility. All DS-Line connectors use silver plated signal pins, which offers a higher conductivity with the lowest contact resistance compared to gold. As you may know from your silver knives and forks at home, silver can oxidate. Don‘t worry, this is just an optical issue, because silver oxide is as conductive as silver itself.


• High quality audio cables
• 99.99% OFC copper
• Silver plated connectors
• Solid high quality plugs
• OFC copper helix shielding
• Conductive sub-jacket
• Optimized for turntable connection
• Low capacity
• Special True Balanced turntable cables
• Handmade in Europe

Connect it Phono DS 5P/miniXLR*

*To use our True Balanced Connection, your Pro-Ject turntable needs to be equipped with an MC cartridge or the Pick it PRO Balanced.

Connect It Phono DS 5P > Mini XLR
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