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M&K Sound Miller & Kreisel S300

S300 monitor. Färg: Svart
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S300 monitor.

The S300 Series is designed to let you hear exactly what is going on, no more and no less. With the S300 Series, there is simply more there.

The compact cabinet of S300 Series

The S300 Series employs a complex, box-inside- a-box construction with a non- resonant layer of tar joining the two cabinets to provide constrained layer damping. The S300 Series cabinet construction and specially designed drive units lower the mechanical noise floor drastically, bringing music and movies to life with effortless realism, building on a rock-solid foundation.

Holographic Sound

The S300 SERIES transports the listener to the soundscape of the recording, introducing holographic sound that lets you hear nuances in music and movies that have never been heard before. This system will let you hear the intricate web of reflections that reach the ears from all directions, providing mental cues regarding the size, shape and construction of the room and the location and movement of the voices and instruments in that room.

Destined to become the reference home entertainment speaker system, the S300 offers transparency and neutrality that surpasses far larger, more costly systems. More compact than any monitor capable of rendering such clarity and pinpoint detail, the ultra-smooth S300 ensures unsurpassed, effortless realism even in very large rooms. While a dedicated left/right mirror-image pair provides optimal imaging for two- channel sources, the use of an identical third speaker for center channel duties guarantees a seamless, consistent sound field in all dimensions. The S300 is the ultimate demonstration of our dedication to innovation and quality.

High Quality

In order to deliver the highest quality of accurate sound reproduction and at the same time play significantly louder, the S300 Series is designed with cutting-edge driver units developed and custom-built in cooperation with the Danish acoustic pioneers from Scan-Speak.

Scan-Speak drivers

Scan-Speak has a forty-year history of groundbreaking innovation and multiple patents for breakthroughs in every aspect of driver design. The S300 Series utilize Scan-Speak drivers to achieve extreme power linearity and ultimate sound quality for control, performance, reliability and continuity.


Dimensions (HxWxD): 39.5 x 34.0 x 33.0 cm
Frequency Response: 60 Hz – 22 kHz ±3dB
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Recommended Power: 25 – 500 Watts
Weight: 18.2 kg

Färg: Svart
Pris per st.

M&K Sound are used by the world’s finest filmmakers, including:

• Warner Bros
• 20th Century Fox
• Universal
• Paramount
• Dreamworks
• Skywalker Sound
• Disney
• Dolby Labs
• Sony Music
• Lucas Film

Miller & Kreisel S300
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Miller & Kreisel S300
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