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Bang & Olufsen Begagnad BeoVision 12-65 Silver inkl BS3, Golvstativ

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 12 är en hisnande, ultra-tunn 65-tums plasma-TV med 3D-funktioner. Begagnad.
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Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 12 är en hisnande, ultra-tunn 65-tums plasma-TV med 3D-funktioner. Det första du kommer att märka med BeoVision 12 är att även om dess storlek är imponerande, så verkar den faktiskt vara tunnare än den är. Denna skenbara viktlöshet uppnås genom en unik optisk illusion.

65 inches of discretion

Observe the exceptionally slim, black aluminium frame enveloping the television, and notice what you don't see. There are no joints or seams interrupting the flow of the frame. This is achieved by imprinting the frame from one large piece of aluminium foil. The result is a seamless, uniform surface that is almost like watching a moving picture on glass.

The integrated centre speaker is placed beneath the screen. The anodised aluminium grill features a curving wave design that includes 5,000 holes in an elegant elliptical shape.

BeoVision 12 fits directly on the wall, with a unique mounting solution. The wall bracket is semi-integrated into the rear cabinet, with the goal of adding miniscule millimetres to the television as it lifts from the wall. The video engine of BeoVision 12 is hidden out of sight, in a cabinet or special room where all external equipment can be tucked away.

Made for surround sound

What you hear out of BeoVision 12 makes the hills come alive with the sound of music. The system is so impressive, it is possible to use BeoVision 12 as a home stereo system.

Feed music to your television through your Apple TV via your computer and AirPlay-enabled devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad, and fill your space with popping playlists to fit your mood.

BeoVision 12 has an integrated centre channel loudspeaker directly underneath the screen As much as four 80-watt ICEpower amplifiers for the midrange speaker and one 40-watt amplifier for the treble speaker are required.

With the dedicated centre channel, you get speech reproduction with exceptional clarity. You can actually hear a pin drop, and you'll find yourself looking around to see where it landed. Let BeoVision 12 stir your senses, even when you are not watching a thing.


Energy efficiency class: C

Power consumption: Typical (IEC 62087:2. ed): 290 W/Standby: 0.3 W

Screen type: 65" 16:9 Plasma display panel

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD)

3d function: Requires active shutter glasses

Refresh rate: 600 Hz Sub-field Drive

Contrast ratio (centre of screen): 5.000.000:1

Picture optimisation: VisionClear

Contrast enhancement: Automatic Picture Control

Colour colibration: Automatic Colour Management (calibration runs every 100 hours)

Loudspeaker: Integrated centre speaker for surround sound setup

Plasma connection: Picture: 1 x HDMI (this HDMI is for connection with BeoSystem 4 video engine, which provides you with more than 30 connections) Control and Automatic Colour Management: 1x RS 232C (RJ45), IR and AutoContrast: 1 x RJ45, Sound (centre channel): 1 x Power Link (RJ45)

Placement options: 

Remote control: Beo 4 Remote

BeoSystem3: BeoSystem 3 integrerar praktiskt taget alla system i ditt hem i en enda avancerad, underhållnings-hub. 

Begagnad BeoVision 12 i silver, inklusive Beo 4 remote, BeoSystem3 samt motoriserat golvstativ.

Ingen moms. 3 månaders garanti. Hämtas i butiken i Göteborg.

Begagnad BeoVision 12-65 Silver inkl BS3, Golvstativ
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