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Origin Acoustics D83 In-Ceiling /par

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Director 8″ Series – In-Ceiling Loudspeaker with an 8″ IMG Woofer, Pivoting Aluminum Dome Tweeter and Tool-less Installation.

– IMG Woofer
– Pivoting Tweeter
– Tool-less Installation
– IPX6 Rating

Tool-Less Installation

Interchangeable, secure, elegant. This is the way in-ceiling loudspeakers are meant to be installed. The Director Collection utilizes our tool-less mounting system to provide secure installation in any ceiling. The spring-loaded clips with multiple points of contact ensure the weight is distributed more evenly than traditional dog-legs which protects your ceiling and decreases unwanted vibration transfer.

More Bass. Less Space.

A 6-inch loudspeaker simply cannot create the low end of an 8-inch. But most 8-inch loudspeakers require huge cut-outs. Not ours. Our 8-inch in-ceiling loudspeaker takes up the same space as our competitors’ 6-inch. So by choosing our 80 Series loudspeakers, you are able to effectively have more bass, in less space.

Compression Molded Woofer Baskets

Using time tested and true technique of compression molding, we are able to design and produce woofer baskets that are both highly stable and acoustically neutral. The end result is a reduction in distortion without coloration from the basket itself.

X-Wave Woofer Surround

When a speaker cone reaches its limit of movement and comes to a hard stop, unwanted waves ripple up and down the cone. This is much like a wave hitting the edge of a pool and reflecting back in the center of the water. Our X-Wave Woofer Surround progressively absorbs that impact, preventing unwanted sonic distortion and improving the overall fidelity of the loudspeaker.

Magnetic Grille

A paintable, perforated grille with a micro bezel covers the entire speaker assembly and leaves a discreet finished appearance. Its magnetic attachment makes removing or replacing the grille fast and easy.

Weather Proof

With an IPX6 rating, the entire Director Collection is ready for installation into a wet environment. This rating ensures that your loudspeakers are safe from the corrosion and internal damage commonly posed by exposure to moisture. We believe in these so much, they’re back by a lifetime warranty.


Sensitivity: 91dB +/- 3dB
Frequency Response: 38Hz-20kHz
Nominal Impedance: 6-ohm
Tweeter Size: 1"
Tweeter Material: Aluminum
Woofer Size: 8"
Woofer Material: IMG
Mounting Depth: 4.13" (105mm)
Cutout Diameter: 8.75" (222mm)

D83 In-Ceiling /par
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D83 In-Ceiling
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In-ceiling högtalare
IP-klassificering Ingress Protection Rating. Anger klassificering avseende väder- och dammskydd. Första siffran: Fast partikelskydd. Andra siffran: Vätskeskydd. Några exempel: IPX4 = stänkvattenskyddad. IPX7 = vattentät. IP6X = Dammtätt. IP55 = Dammsäkert och spolsäkert.
Aktiv/passiv modell Beskriver om högtalaren är aktiv eller passiv. Passiva högtalare ansluts till en förstärkare via högtalarkabel. Aktiva högtalare har inbyggd förstärkare och behöver därför ingen extra förstärkning. De aktiva ansluts till ett vägguttag (portabla modeller är batteridrivna). Om aktiva högtalarna säljs i par, ansluts ibland endast ena högtalaren till elnätet, varvid andra högtalaren ansluts till den strömförsörjda huvudhögtalaren.

Origin Acoustics Director Collection